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ADS*CON 2014: Embrace the Noise

After a successful inaugural event in 2013, ADS*CON returned with a new theme and new speakers to explore the impact of the data science revolution on advertising and society. ADS*CON*14 is a half-day symposium dedicated to exploring how we find meaningful signals in massive and often noisy data sets. It explored the impact of bigger and more varied data on building models and understanding markets.

Underwritten by Dstillery and the NYU Stern Center for Business Analytics, the forum featured preeminent advertising, academic and data science professionals in a fast-paced format of exploration and debate. The event helped attendees understand the vast potential of embracing the noise. The agenda was designed for CMOs, media agency executives, strategists and data scientists, as well as anyone interested in exploring the frontiers of how advertising can capitalize on advances in technology and data science.


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Humans are Noisy

Advertising increasingly is driven by data-intensive machine learning systems. But thinking of machine learning as a black box is a mistake. The best data science starts with understanding the phenomenon being modeled. What is the relationship between the data consumers leave behind and the marketing decisions we would like to make? What do we know about human behavior that might give us an advantage? Do new data reveal new insights?

Welcome to the Machine

As a society, we are getting smarter about using data. As people, we tend to distance ourselves from the process of making decisions. Increasingly, the cookie crumbs and fingerprints we analyze are the results of machines talking to machines. From policing viral fraud networks to hiring for high frequency securities trading, this session explores the consequences of letting machines do our bidding.

Data Disrupts

The Data of People-Moving and Moving People

It used to be that the most granular consumer data was credit card transactions recording shopping choices. Today, we leave an extensive digital footprint with our devices, our digital media, our social networks and more. But what about our physical movements? There’s a whole new world of people data based on services that combine the physical and the digital. We take a look at public-private efforts to use data to improve transportation and urban life.


Sinan Aral

David Austin Professor Of Management, MIT. Chief Scientist, Humin.


David Cancel

Chief Product Officer


Drew Conway

Scientist In Residence

IA Ventures

Brian d’Alessandro

VP, Data Science


Vasant Dhar

Director, Center For Business Analytics

NYU Stern

Shawndra Hill

Assistant Professor In Operations And Information Management

University Of Pennsylvania

Lauren Moores

VP, Analytics


Kevin Novak

Chief Data Scientist


Joanna O’Connell

Director Of Research


Eoin O’Mahony

Citibike Optimization

Cornell/Cornell Tech

Claudia Perlich

Chief Scientist


Amit Phansalkar

Chief Data Scientist, VP Analytics

MassMutual Financial Group

Tom Phillips



Foster Provost

Dstillery Co-Founder And Professor At NYU Stern


Neal Richter

Chief Scientist


Jonathan Spinney

Director, Global Geocoding & Location-Based Services

Pitney Bowes

Eric Sumner


Michael Tiffany

CEO At WhiteOps, Director At Singularity & Co.


Chris Volinsky

Director, Statistics Research Department

AT&T Labs-Research

Michael Wexler

Director, Digital Insights And Marketing Effectiveness




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